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Mindset habits for a simpler and happier life.




Hey everyone, welcome back. Today, let's read about mindset habits.

I'm gonna share seven mindset habits for a simpler and happier life. 

And these are all things that I have been learning and practicing myself for some years now, and that is very powerful and life-changing. 

So feel free to get cozy and grab yourself something nice to drink, if you want, and let's begin. 

Our mindset is a powerful thing. It's how we approach life, how we deal and cope with the ups and downs. 

It can make us more resilient, more capable, more at peace. And ultimately, if we practice these habits, they can help us to live a simpler and happier life overall. 

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And now let's begin with the first of the seven mindset habits. 


Positive talk
Positive self talk

The first mindset habit that I want to share about today is positive speech. 

By which I mean the way that we talk to others and the way that we talk to ourselves. 

For example, something I've been practicing for quite some time now is not to gossip about people. Because speaking negatively about others is just not doing anyone any good. 

Even if that person can't find out. It just brings a lot of negativity into your life. 

And so I try to stay away from it, because I would much rather be someone who hardly speaks negatively about others, than being someone who's always gossiping. 

Another example is complaining. Now, of course, I complain sometimes. But I try not to do it too often. 

And I have read that the stress caused by complaining can have a lasting negative effect on our brain and that's not something that I want. 

So if it is a situation that I can change, I will try to do my best to change it. 

And if something is outside of my control, I just try to accept it and move on. Instead of complaining a lot. And of course negative self-talk. 

But if we engage in positive self-talk, not only will we feel better about ourselves, but also about others and ultimately about life. 

I do want to add though that I have a bit of an allergy towards toxic positivity. 

Because I feel like it is okay to be negative sometimes. And to complain and to moan and to call things a problem instead of a challenge. 

I used to always hate that when people said 'no, you shouldn't say problem, you should say challenge'. 

You know, sometimes things are just a problem and problems can be solved. 

So I'm not saying that you should never speak negatively about anything, it's more about the balance and trying to say positive things overall. 


Make people feel good
Make people feel good

The second mindset habit for a simpler and happier life is something that I read about a long time ago and it stuck with me. 

And it's something they called leaving people better than how you found them. 

By which they mean if you interact with someone, try to add something positive to their day instead of detracting from it. 

So that through your interaction with them, they will have some kind of positive outcome in some way shape, or form. 

One of my favorite quotes is one by Maya Angelou who said that people will never forget how you made them feel. 

So I always try to do that in my interactions with others. 

It's even what I always keep in mind when making my courses too. I might not always succeed, but I do always try to make sure that my courses add something positive to the viewer’s day. 

And the cool thing about this is that we can also turn it around and ask ourselves how the people in our life make us feel. 

And do your interactions with the people that you know generally leave you feeling better than before you interact with them, or do they leave you feeling bad? 

Or do they detract from your happiness? 

Of course, we are all human, and so it's perfectly okay if this doesn't always work out. 

And sometimes your friend might have a bad day and make you feel bad because of it. And that is fine if that happens sometimes. 

But if we have toxic people in our life, who rarely make us feel better than before we interact with them, then it might be a good idea to stop investing in a relationship or a friendship like that. You can check out my other articles about negative people.



The next mindset habit is to know that no can be a complete sentence. 

And I very much used to struggle with saying no to things that I did not want to do. And I still don't think it's very easy. 

But in my opinion, if you want to simplify your life, knowing when to say yes and when to say no can make all the difference. 

And I have learned that if I want to decline something, no can be a complete sentence. 

There's no need for me to explain why I said no, or explain my reasons, or make up some kind of dumb excuse as to why I can't go. 

And I mean, we don't have to be a jerk about it, but we can just say no thank you without feeling the need to fill up those few moments of awkward silence that usually follow after we say no. 

For example, salespeople are trained in overcoming objections and turning no into a yes. 

And if you're talking with someone a bit more aggressive, maybe they will try something like that too. 

So that will make the awkwardness last even longer. 

So of course, sometimes it does help if we explain our reasons. Especially if the person who is asking us is someone that we are close to. 

But I find that most of the time just saying no thanks is already enough.


Perfection is not required
Perfection is not required

This next mindset habit is one of the most important ones I think, and that is to realize that done is better than perfect. 

I really think that too much perfectionism can greatly complicate our daily life. 

It can instill in us this subconscious belief that we can only feel happy when we achieve perfection. Or feel good about ourselves or our work when it is valued as perfect. 

And because perfection is very hard to achieve, and probably even impossible, this brings with it a lot of stress and worries. 


It's easy to think that if we could just move to a new place, then we'd be happy. 

Or if we could switch our jobs, then we could be happy. Or if we could make more money, or buy a fancy car, or finish a project around a house, then we would be happy. 

I used to very much have this tendency myself. 

But I've come to learn that no change has the power to bring lasting happiness if we are not happy now. 

Thinking that we could be happy if XYZ takes the focus away from the only moment that we can truly be happy, which is now. 

And of course, sometimes change can be positive. It might bring new experiences or spark positivity. 

For example, for me, leaving a corporate job and working for another company was one of the best changes that I have ever made. Because I left a toxic workplace. So I'm not saying that we should disregard change overall. 

However, even if we make changes, there's no escaping from ourselves. 

Even if we move, we will still take ourselves with us. And we will still have the same personality, the same world views, the same pitfalls and issues, and coping mechanisms. 

And eventually, we will replace old issues with new issues. 

So I have learned that the past is the past, the future is not here yet, so I might as well try to be happy now. 

Because that is the only moment that I really have. 

And be happy in the exact circumstances that I am in now. 

If we can do that, then we can also from that more positive place see if we can make some mindful changes here and there if we feel that we need to. 

But at least we won't feel like we can't be happy unless we do or have XYZ. 

Now there is one exception to this rule. And that is if you are in a situation where your basic needs are not being met. 

So of course if you don't have enough money to providing your basic needs, then getting money, I can understand how that would feel like you need to get there before you can truly be happy. 

So this comes from a place where you do have your basic needs met, and that is also a thing that you can then also be grateful for. To have that situation that you are in. 


Universe is with us

Another very powerful mindset habit for a simpler and happier life is to realize that the universe is working for you. 

So I mean life, the universe, however you want to call it, has your back. 

It is on your side. It is supporting you and working for you, instead of against you. 

When I was younger, I used to get in that mental space of feeling that everything was against me. And that I was always swimming upstream. And that everything was difficult for me. That is a very tiring mindset to have because you will only see adversity and obstacles in your way. 

And I learned that life has natural ups and downs, kind of like this wave. And even if things are dark right now, they will pass and things will get better. There are so many things that are also working out well for me if I choose to focus on them. 

And I've also learned through experience that good things can come from situations that I initially thought were negative. 

So if I didn't get a job that I really wanted, I got kind of sad. 

But then, later on, it turned out that something even better came on my path. 

Or let's say something didn't work out, but then later on I find that I kind of dodged a bullet there. 

It is things like that, that make me believe that life has my back. And that it is supporting me and that I can trust that things will work out for me. 


Learn new things
Learn new things

The last mindset habit that I want to talk about today is to be open to learning new things. 

 Even if you already consider yourself to be quite good at something, or if you think you already know a lot about something. So kind of being open and being a student for life. 

I've come to learn that all situations can teach me something new if I'm open to that. 

So for example talking with someone who I strongly disagree with can still teach me something very valuable. 

I found that the most valuable lessons can be found in these unexpected places. 

Let's say I'm going to a symposium about a topic that I already feel I know a lot about. 

Instead of going and being like okay, I already know this, and kind of like mentally checking out, I try to be open to learning something new. Or maybe a new perspective or another way of looking at things. And that makes a huge difference. 

I think that if we want our life to be happy and meaningful, it really helps if we have an open attitude, instead of being very closed off. 

Being open to seeing how other people deal with things or think about things. And that openness can then lead to all kinds of interesting changes and valuable experiences. 

And of course, I want to ask you: Are there any mindset habits that have been very helpful for you in your life? 

Or have helped create more simplicity more happiness? 

Please share them with me and the rest of us in the comment section down below. Have a wonderful day. 

Thanks so much for being here. Bye-bye!

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