Things you must know before marriage


Things you must know before marriage


Amazingly enough, people do not get to know each other before they enter into a marriage. 

People do not take the time to get to know one another before they begin a life long journey down a road that often leads to divorce or a lifetime dissatisfaction, burden, and pain. 

Things change and people change when the security of the commitment is tied together by a marriage certificate. 

People relax into their old habits which were carefully put away during the dating or lack of dating and instant relationships began.

There are many reasons for this happening in our society.

1. Very young and having sex first.


Many couples are young today who get influenced by each other's thinking and have found true love. 

The tender puppy sets love and in the next thing, you know that they have experienced a sexual encounter. 

What, in most cases, they think is love to hold what they think is contempt or disapproval of either of the two parents. 

So they jump into a wedding when they are old enough because they want to prove mom and dad wrong. Or for that matter friends who have chosen their friend, who dislikes the partner.

       2. Getting older and time is running out.

Getting older
Getting older

This reason has become more and more common in the current age group of 35 to 45. 

Many people in this age group have not yet married and find that if they want to have a child they need to find a partner at lightning speed. 

Those who are not married in the age group of 45 to 55 are looking at themselves in retirement and old age alone and without a partner. 

Many people become mere partners after the age of 55 and never marry the person they spend their time with. 

      3. Rebounded and lonely. 


Loneliness is a great motivator for two people to jump into a relationship and/or marriage. 

With divorce rate percentages much higher than before especially in middle age couples, people react to attention and latch onto a person because of the void they now have in their lives. 

After months or years in a relationship or marriage and the comfort of a partner, many people find themselves very lonely. 

At the first sign of attention or affection, they move quickly toward the comfortable feeling of another relationship so that the loneliness goes away. 

Unfortunately, they again find themselves lonely because they married someone they did not really know and who they may not be compatible with.

   4. Family/society Pressure

Family pressure

This happens especially with women. 

No matter how many times you tell people you’re doing fine, taking your time, or just not ready, they continue seeking answers. When you are getting married? 

No matter how the discussion begins, marriage and babies somehow find a way into the conversation. 

The promotion you just got at work or the house you purchased — the fact that you aren’t a mother or a wife overshadows everything else. 

And ultimately some women got married to a person they don't know much. and they have to sacrifice their lives for their family happiness or end up in divorce.

These are four of the many reasons couples do not make up forever.

Are you ready for marriage?


It is time we cut this bad habit of jumping in and out of relationships. Be conscious of your choice, and save your heart from other heartaches by answering these questions.

1. How do I expect my life to change after my marriage?

Everyone enters the marriage with the expectation that how the marriage will meet her needs. 

Problems arise when these expectations become dysfunctional and feelings of despair begin to form an emotional connection between the couple. 

Many times, this is due to the expectation of a partner intensifying the emotional connection and expecting other things to persist. 

Therefore, it is very important that you openly talk with your partner about what you expect from the relationship, emotionally, financially, physically, and how you see your future playing together. 

Failure to do so can give both of you a bitter path in divorce.

2. What do you search for in a partner?

It is very easy to fall in love with good-looking, good and loving, smart and funny, wealthy, intelligent, or mysterious individuals. 


However, if the qualities you are looking for in a partner are only outward appearances, you will find yourself alone when things get rough. 

Look for the inner qualities that will support you and your relationship even when you lose your own purity.

3. What are your reasons for finding a partner?

Are you feeling lonely with someone or are you looking for a life partner? 

Your reasons will determine the role that your partner will play on your relationship. 

If you want your partner to only be with you at certain times in a day / while he/she wants to be with you every moment, a confrontation will arise and it will not last long until the relationship is over.

4. What is your maturity level to handle relationships?

Maturity matters a lot once you need a long-term, or lifetime, relationship. 

Couple arguments quotes

There are always obstacles and intersections along the way that will challenge your commitment. 

If you are mature enough to handle a relationship, you can make sound decisions and difficult choices. 

You will not be easily disturbed by petty things like jealousy or time-management. A mature person knows when to fight and when to let go.

5. Can you separate a good relationship from a bad one?

A good relationship is something that helps you become a better person. 

It is something that brings a positive change in your life and empowers you to do great things. 

Conversely, a bad relationship is something that drains all your positive energy. It is something that hurts you emotionally or physically constantly and makes you worth it as a person.


No one should be in a bad relationship. If you think you're in one, leave immediately and let go.

6. Are you ready for marriage?

Some people enter the relationship without thinking of getting married. 

This may not be a big deal for some, but it matters when your partner finally wants to get married and you are not ready yet. 

You should know that marriage is always the destination of romantic relationships when there is no breakup. 

Do not waste your partner's time if you are not open to the idea of ​​marriage. 

Do not let this principle of yours go before you enter a relationship, or in a relationship.


We do not want any more breakup after long, sweet companionship. 

Before starting another round, we make sure that we know what we are doing and we already have a clear path to where we are going. 

Thus, being well thought out and creating a blueprint for marriage is essential for relationship success. 

Be sure to ask yourself and your partner as many questions as possible regarding expectations for marriage. And remember, hard work is not an option. So, get crack in'!

Good luck guys. Think and take a decision. Be happy

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Thank you.


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